Project Description


Everything you need to produce a high-quality podcast;
· Audio Stabilization.
· Transcription.
· Info Tags, Artwork + Description ready for upload.
· Uploading of Episodes.
· Add Intro/Outro + Adverts.
· $75 up to 30 minutes, $2 per additional minute.

Our Podcast Package aims to cover everything you need to produce a high-quality podcast, all you need to do is record!
Your audio will be produced to a high quality, ensuring there is no silences, background noise or excessive repetition of noises such as umm’s! A full transcription will be provided which can be used to help share your content via text, reaching even more potential eyes. (This can also help boost SEO) Finally, your artwork and descriptions will be added to the podcast before they’re uploaded to the requested platforms. Everything you need so you can sit back in confidence that your podcast is hitting your listeners ears in the highest quality.